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What is a cookie?

"Cookies" are small text files that are stored in your end device and its memory. These files enable our site to record information about your visit, your browser settings, which language, and more. Your next visit to our website and can be much faster and more relevant to your interests. Without cookies by browsing our site was much more complicated. These files among other things, help us tailor our offering precisely to your needs and use Google Analytics.

Threatening the use of cookies my privacy?

The company Servis LCD always proceed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and the highest ethical standards. We are firmly committed to customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of visitors to our website. For this reason, we consistently take care to protect your privacy. The use of cookies does not necessarily mean that you give us your personal information, but when our personal information you provide (eg. Because of that we can deliver ordered products), can create a connection between your personal data with the information contained in cookies but only for the purpose of improving the quality of our offer, which will be more responsive to your individual interests and needs. Your personal details of course we protect using the most modern technologies and other persons or firms is only communicated to the necessary extent (eg. Hauliers will deliver our goods). In some cases, but we provide your personal data may be stored by law.

Can I save cookies to my device somehow avoided?

Yes, just as before visiting our site on your browser to start a private browsing feature. In this case, it is possible that only some parts of our site will not display properly, view them you will be complex and will show you just offer products matching your needs.

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